Dragonkraft are working with industry to provide a superior green alternative to traditional epoxy resins.  Here you’ll find some of our latest project updates which demonstrate the versatility of Dragonkraft bio-resins.

Cycle Helmet Application - James Dart "Duo Lin" Project

New developments by Dragonkraft in the bio-resin arena and flax by products have enabled designer James Dart to develop a functional “Duo Lin” cycle helmet incorporating a dense bio-resin foam core interior and tough knitted flax woven outer resin shell. 

James sought a sustainable approach to the manufacture of cycle helmets and through thoughtful consideration of resources and the environment the Duo Lin project came to life with the aim of conceiving a product with the use of one renewable resource - flax - for virtually all of its parts. 

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Canoe Application - Flaxland 

Flaxland – manufacturers of flax based canoes have been using Dragonkraft bio-resin in the construction of their eco-friendly lightweight flexible canoes. 

New technologies in spinning and weaving have developed a flax fabric (linen) membrane to cover the canoe frames.  The flax fabric is coated with a sustainable flax/linseed epoxidised resin which is cured with UV sunlight to waterproof the craft.  

The Dragonkraft bio-resin system has successfully been used as an adhesive for the structure of the canoe also.  

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Bath Tab Application

In the early days of Dragonkraft SARL, we worked with a maritime training institute in Cannes, France to support an apprenticeship training programme. One project for the budding apprentices was the creation of a custom bath tub for use in a yacht using bio-resins.

A disposable male mould was created out of plaster and wood, which was treated with gelcoat and mould release. A layer of unwaxed polyester gelcoat was then applied and layers of mat and roving were built up using Dragonkraft UV cured resin.

This was the first time, bio-resin had been used as a replacement for traditional polyester resins with brilliant results.

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Basalt rodeo kayak application

After a successful canoe build for a Paris boat show, Dragonkraft were approached by Planet Riviera to build a rodeo Kayak with one of their moulds. The sport of rodeo kayaking is the use of specialized kayaks to perform acrobatic tricks and manoeuvres in rough white water. The kayaks are constantly subjected to bumps and abrasions so what better way to test the physical characteristics of any resin?

The kayak was built with our UV cured resin and standard glass layup reinforced with two longitudinal cedar wood stringers in two separate moulds, one for the deck and the other for the hull. The two halves were then glued together with a mixture of cab-o-sil and glass fibres then faired and painted. The boat performed very well given the challenging conditions it is subjected to and weighed the same as a roto-mold kayak of the same design.

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